Personal Branding for Kate Rooney, a global travel and lifestyle

influencer, and her first swimwear collection

The Glow Edit

Brand Identity

Packaging Design

Campaign Strategy

Commercial Job 2018

The MMXIX collection was inspired by the cool girl with salty hair, that loves being barefoot and is happiest by the ocean. Throw on a pair of shorts and the swimwear takes you from the beach to the club. The cuts are sexy, effortless and designed to be mixed and matched.


Subjective contours are visual illusions that evoke the perception of an edge without a luminance or colour change across that edge. This metaphor is transferable to Kate‘s photographic style. She presents herself in a very secretive manner as she never reveals everything. She attracts attention by making people curious and teasingly covers parts of her body to leave it up to people’s imagination. The self-developed typeface evokes the perception of a shape, defined by a sharp illusory contour.


The Glow Edit was born from the desire to chase the sun around the world and make memories that last forever. Created by global travel and lifestyle influencer, Kate Rooney, the brand reflects her relaxed and carefree outlook on life. It is for the woman that is unafraid to forge her own path and actively seeks adventure.





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