Corporate Design for a Craft Beer

Brewery from Bulgaria

Rila Mountain

Brand Identity

Packaging Design


Commercial Job 2017




The company is focused on empowering the local community around the brewery by sourcing as much of its ingredients as possible. Rila Mountains niche market is ‘Boutique beers’ that are brewed with as much local ingredients (honey, botanicals, fruit, oak barrels) as possible and the very best European malt grains. While the local market is critical, the majority of produce (70%) will be for exported to other EU countries.


The concept is based on craftsmanship, social engagement and cultural belonging. To illustrate the national pride of Bulgaria the label shows picture famous sights in Bulgaria such as the Rila Monastery, the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, the Belogardchik Fortress, the Iwan Wasow national theatre, and many more. The colours are taken from the frescoes within the monastery on Rila Mountain and serve to distinguish the range of products between lagers and ales. The logotype is based on the Cyrillic alphabet, as it was originally established in Bulgaria.

Rila Mountain is a craft refreshments company, producing Craft Ale and Lagers, Cider and Craft Distilled Spirits. The aim is to formulate a ‘strong Bulgarian’ brand among the many imported products to encourage Bulgarians to appreciate a high quality local product. As a collaborative project in university the whole course of 54 students split up into nine teams each of around six students to pitch about Rila Mountain's visual identity. Thankfully this concept has convinced the client the most and is the designated winner of the pitch.




Alessandro de Rosa, Marilia Rojas, Theresa Hartlieb, Joy Schlink and Femmy Kloos

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